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Allotropy | 同素異形體

Opening Reception:
13 July 2014 (Sun)

Exhibition Period:
7 July -5 August 2014
10:00 am - 5:00pm

Gallery I, Art Museum, Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong

〝同素異形體 〞是一個化學名詞,意指由相同元素組成、形態不的物質,例如金剛石和石墨都由炭元素組成,互稱同異形體。十七位藝術文學碩士第四屆畢業生,雖然來自不同行業、擁有不同背景,但樣地懷抱追尋藝術的熱情,以「素異形體」作為畢業展的名稱恰好點出這羣体特質。

The 4th Annual Master of Arts in Fine Arts Graduate Exhibition’- Allotropy will be held concurrently, featuring the works of 17 graduate students. The term Allotropy refers the property of a chemical substance that exists in more than one form due to different structural formulae. This is a metaphor to describe the diversiform of the 17 art adherents and their artworks.

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