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The Writer's Room | 寫作間
acrylic on panel | 塑膠彩板本
dimension variable | 尺寸不定

The Writer's Room - Time Line | 寫作間 - 時間綫
mixed media | 混合媒介
dimension variable | 尺寸不定
since 2010

This series of work explores the life of Tiana’s father in her childhood period. His absence from her daily life as a child led her to find attachment to him through the objects he left at home. She experienced him through his physical possessions that lay around the house. The works of art becomes puzzles that piece together the being through the objects.
Tiana collects the cigarette butts from her father since 2010, it became a symbolic time line, in the relationship of life between Tiana and her father.


Copyright © Tiana Wong